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Tales of African Export

Tales of African Export

Tales of African Export. Export is the act of sending goods or services to another country for sale. One important factor that influenced the growth of African exports was the discovery of petroleum in several countries, notably Libya, Algeria, Nigeria, Gabon, Angola, the Republic of

3 Top African Countries To Look Into For Investment Purposes

3 Top African Countries To Look Into For Investment Purposes

3 Top African Countries To Look Into For Investment Purposes. African Countries regardless of what’s portrayed have tremendous economic potential, with rewarding opportunities for investors and partners. According to statistics, these countries have the highest Gross Domestic Product (GDP). 1. Nigeria The country’s gross domestic

4 Tips To Consider Before Investing

4 Tips To Consider Before Investing

4 Tips To Consider Before Investing. A lot of people want to invest and plan for their future but are scared and do not know how to go about it. Investment is not for the faint-hearted but here at Commodity Port, we strive to connect

Commodity prices will still be good next year

‘With the good projected rains this year, do you think I should grow maize?’ This is among questions a lot of farmers that have read both my book and my articles have been asking me. I understand their viewpoint that when the rain season is

Is hybrid rice solution to Africa’s food shortage?

Agriculture is viewed as the key cornerstone that drives Africa’s economies. It is a major contributor to total gross domestic product (GDP) for many countries, according to the Africa Agriculture Status Report 2018. Over half of the African population is employed in the sector and

Africa: Untapped potential for agriculture

Africa boasts significant untapped agricultural potential. While the continent accounts for 60% of the world’s arable land, it only contributes 4% of total output. Cognisant of this, global research and consultancy firm, Oxford Business Group (OBG), is publishing a study, Agriculture in Africa 2019, analysing

Russia Among BRICS in Africa

Professor Vladimir Shubin, the Deputy Director of the Institute for African Studies, told me in an interview that “African leaders also have to pay high attention to and take significant steps in promoting their achievements and highlighting their main developmental needs.” In an acknowledgement, he

Here’s why West Africa is becoming the world’s piracy hotspot

West Africa is turning into the world’s piracy hotspot according to One Earth Future, which produces an annual State of Maritime Piracy report. The newly released 2018 statistics show a decline in the number of incidents of hijacking, kidnapping and robberies in East Africa. West Africa, on the other