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Corporate Policies

Health, Safety & Environment Policy

We consider Health, Safety and Environmental aspects of its operations to be of paramount importance. All its operations shall be planned and executed in such a manner to prevent accidents and injuries and to maintain the health and safety of employees.

Further more, the company wishes to protect all persons with whom employees may have association during work activities. It is therefore the intention of the company to observe and comply with all statutory provisions, requirements of clients and to take any additional measure which it deems fit in the pursuance of safety.

The company will plan and execute its operations in such a manner to minimize impact on the environment, and to sound environmental principles. Commodity Port is committed to maintaining the ecosystems in the environments where it operates. We do this because we believe it is right and good business practice.

Quality Policy

We are committed to continuous improvement and have established effective & communicated procedures and processes, which provides a framework for measuring and improving our performance.

Although Commodity Port does not currently hold an ISO or equivalent quality accreditation, we do meet all applicable statutory regulations and maintain an effective Quality Management System supported and operated by all members of the staff in order to achieve the specified objectives.

We intend to continually strive for improvement in line with the principles of this policy and objectives set against the said principles. The quality principles and related targets/objectives will be communicated to staff through day-to-day management, formal monthly review meetings and annual appraisals. Training will also be an integral part of the strategy to achieve quality policy objectives.

Corporate Governance

Our Board of Directors strive to ensure that the Company meets high standards of safety, performance and governance. We recognize Scottwave’s responsibilities to its shareholders, customers, employees and partners and suppliers as well as to the communities in which it operates.

The Board has ultimate authority over, and oversight of the Company and regards corporate governance as a critical element in achieving the Company’s objectives. Accordingly, the Board has adopted appropriate charters, codes and policies established to discharge its duties. These documents are periodically reviewed and enhanced to take account of changes in the law and governance practices.