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About Us


Commodity Port was created out of a deep desire to tackle the inefficiencies and inequalities in the flow of information, resources and financing to producers and originators across the various commodity value chains. Commodity Port adds value to the commodity chains by unblocking the issues that prevent the flow of credit and investments into the commodities sectors within select African countries. We achieve this by acting as an intermediator and allocator, allowing various parties, whether producers, investors, and public agencies, to interact effectively and facilitate trade and exchange of value.

Since we started in 2016, Commodity Port has grown in leaps and bounds, successfully closing various commodity transactions and projects and channelling investable funds into the development of the agriculture and solid mineral sectors.

Commodity Port is well structured to provide the bespoke expertise, solutions and technology to facilitate development of the commodity value chains.

Who We Are

Commodity Port was incorporated in 2016 in the United Kingdom. We are a globally focused commodities trading, investments, and financing business with a presence in the UK and Africa. The company provides investment facilitation and risk management services to trade and deliver physical commodities transactions, investments, and related projects.

Commodity Port sources commodity transactions and projects from select African markets where it has deep sector relationships and matches these projects with global investors and producers. The company has expertise in a broad range of commodity types, including agriculture, energy, oil and gas, and mining and solid minerals. Our team of specialists are drawn from core commodity segments with several decades of experience.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity: We will steadfastly uphold ethics and accountability in all our activities.
  • Teamwork: We work together and across boundaries to achieve our goals.
  • Sustainability: We care for the earth and will not do anything that hurts it.
  • Leadership: We seek to be the pacesetter by providing novel solutions in Africa’s commodity value chain.
  • Customer Service: We deliver solutions that enhance our customers’ lives and businesses.
  • Value Creation: We are focused on adding value to the commodity ecosystem through all our processes.
  • Quality: We are highly committed to professionalism, excellent service delivery, and global best standard practices in all we do.


Our vision is to improve the performance of African businesses and communities by enabling value-added transformations in all aspects of the commodities sector – starting right at the base of the pyramid.


Our mission is to connect investors and producers to vetted commodities transactions and investment opportunities in Africa by easing the overall investment lifecycle process. We are committed to achieving this mission in an environmentally sustainable way and hold all stakeholders and partners to the same goal.