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The Commodity market has been seeing huge losses in the trading of futures that have governed the sector’s good growth, but the decline in the trend has caused a huge mess in the commodity market of the world. The protests around the world have been rising, and the number of commodities that are being traded is fluctuating more than they should be causing the sector to be unstable.

Unlike the stock markets, commodity markets affect all of the people and not just the ones involved in the trading of commodities. There have been gains in the market here and there, but they are not enough to prove that the overall growth is good, and the market can be deemed as stable. Monday is expected to be pretty good for the commodity world as the global conditions seem like they will be favoring the commodity Futures. Optimism over the United States and China trade deal has impacted the commodity sector pretty good and has helped it push its growth and make a change in the way the sector is being perceived in the time of crisis. US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said the US might not need to impose tariffs on imported vehicles later this month after holding “good conversations” with automakers in the European Union this statement has led the markets to be uplifted, but this has favored more for the commodities than the stock market.

We are expecting that this trend will follow throughout the week, and there will be good growth recorded in the sector, but as the political interference increases, there might be fluctuations.