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Africa Oil Week announces recipient of 2019 Student Bursary

Sibobo is a student at STS Lawhill Maritime Centre in Simon’s Town, South Africa. The centre provides students between the ages of 15 and 18 with specialised knowledge and skills in their last three years of secondary schooling to embark on successful careers in the maritime and other industries.

Sibobo will receive a one-year bursary at Lawhill and will also take on the role of AOW Student Ambassador. He will attend AOW in Cape Town from 5-8 November and will take part in the dedicated Student Programme on Friday 8 November.

Due to his interest in the media, Sibobo will create a video about his experience and write reports from ‘on-the-ground’ at AOW. His goal at the event is to learn as much as possible through informative sessions and networking opportunities with influential delegates from across the African continent and around the world.

AOW’s goal is to show Sibobo the full range of career options available and convince him to pursue a career in oil, gas or geoscience.

Debbie Owen, who heads the STS Lawhill Maritime Centre programme, commented, “Besides the financial support provided to Sibobo, he and the other students who will attend AOW will have the opportunity to meet and learn from industry leaders. We could not ask for a more valuable ‘beyond the classroom’ introduction to the oil and gas sectors.”

AOW was introduced to Sibobo by the programme’s sponsor, Seatrain, and have been supported by the staff at the Lawhill.