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Kenyan energy company Solarise raises Series A funding round

Founded by Patrik Huber, Jan Albert Valk and Sakkie van Wijk, Solarise Africa is an energy leasing company for solar and other energy assets focusing on commercial and industrial clients (C&I).

The company, which provides smart financing via a selected group of partners, raised the first tranche of its Series A round in October last year, led by smart infrastructure investor EAV. EAV has reinvested this time, alongside the European Union-funded ElectriFI.

“We are pleased to partner with two industry-leading organisations. Sustainable energy solutions are crucial to driving development in Africa, lowering the carbon footprint, and providing access to safe and affordable services across the continent. The future of Africa’s business and C&I sectors relies on solar power. Sustainable energy solutions are the obvious choice if Africa is going to overcome the energy hurdles it currently faces,” said Valk.

Dominiek Deconinck, manager at ElectriFI, said Solarise Africa was a crucial addition to Africa’s captive energy ecosystem.

“By removing the financing hurdle, Solarise Africa is helping to bring high-quality, reliable, low-cost, clean energy to Africa’s under-served commercial and industrial sector. We are delighted to embark on this journey with the Solarise Africa team and to support them as they rapidly scale,” Deconinck said.