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International Agricultural Technology Exhibition and Conference

From the 17th to the 19th of June 2020, Cape Town will play host to the first ever Agritech Africa exhibition and conference, aimed at accelerating agricultural advancements on the African continent.  Taking place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC), the event is expected to draw thousands of professionals in the field of agriculture from around the world who will be exposed to the latest developments and technological innovations in agriculture that can address pressing issues such as climate change, sustainable and inclusive economic growth, job creation and food security.

The event is being brought to South Africa by Kenes Exhibitions – a market leader in conferencing, exhibitions and educational platforms which has been producing exhibitions and conferences around the globe in the agricultural, water technology, biomedical, and cyberspace arenas for the past decade.

“Agriculture provides a source of livelihood for 61% of the 337 million people living in the Southern African Development Community. It is also crucial for food security, which in turn assists in political stability and is central to the development of agro-industries,” says Dr. Max Wengawenga, Assistant Chief Economic Advisor to the President of Malawi. “However, the local industry is plagued by challenges like climate change, not being able to meet the standards of international markets, changes in consumption patterns and population growth driving increased demand for food. The way forward in overcoming these obstacles and unlocking the opportunities offered by agriculture is technology.”

“It was with this in mind that we decided to host an international agricultural technology exhibition and conference in South Africa – the country at the heart of the African renaissance,” shares Kenes Exhibitions Managing Director, Prema Zilberman.

Issues affecting the African agriculture industry, including the management of land and water resources, food security, as well as the development of an Innovation Ecosystem, will be explored in depth at the Agritech Africa 2020 conference by local and international experts, the names of whom will be revealed over the coming weeks.

Taking place alongside the conference will be an exhibition comprised of an anticipated 200 exhibitors who will showcase cutting edge technologies, products, and systems in the areas of aquaculture; fertilisers and chemicals; livestock and dairy farming; irrigation and water management; plant protection; rural development; poultry; agri-ecology; food security and safety; marketing; exporting and more. Exhibitors will range from start-ups with exciting new technologies, to existing companies with proven or breakthrough products.

“Agritech Africa 2020 will provide a platform to take on pressing challenges faced within the agricultural sector and find solutions that will allow for sustainable economic growth,” concludes Zilberman.