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Towards clean drinking water for all

Under the theme: Leaving no one behind, water for all, the Department set out to highlight the importance of water in the livelihoods of the general public and the country’s economy.

In a statement released during the week, the department noted that National Water Week could not have come at a better time with the country celebrating World Water Day and Human Rights Day within the week as well.

“Water is a basic right that everyone must have access to and this year’s theme is set to bring to the fore government’s obligation to ensure that all citizens have access to clean water”

The department hosted several events around the country including a science school competition which aimed to empower learners from rural Mpumalanga. The competition, which was held in Mbombela Mpumalanga, challenged learners to develop models for purifying water.

Meanwhile in the Northern Cape the department various institutions and stakeholders including the   Department of Health, the Department of Environmental Affairs, Dawid Kruiper Municipality and ABENGOA South Africa to commemorate World Water Day.

The activities included a door-to-door campaign, a visit to 2 clinics in the Dawid Kruiper Municipality, which focused on water conservation as water has become a scarce commodity, safe drinking water and the importance of washing of hands for a healthy and hygienic lifestyle.

The department also took 50 learners from Kalksloot, Currieskamp, Blaawskop, and McTaggertskamp on a tour of the Orange River, where they were instructed on water safety, water quality sampling and water treatment processes.