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44 ships arrive Lagos ports, 8 with 233,000 tonnes of petrol

A TOTAL of 44 vessels are expected to sail into the country with various items before the end of the month. Shipping position made available to newsmen showed that eight of these vessels are carrying over 233,000 metric tonnes of petroleum products some of which include Premium Motor Spirit, PMS, and Kerosine, DPK.

Shipping position is a statistical document that outlines the number of vessels with the cargoes expected within a period of time.  Other major items expected in the shipments are 12,000 metric tonnes of bulk gas, 155,000 metric tonnes of bulk wheat, 94,000 metric tonnes of bulk sugar and 91,500 metric tonnes of bulk corn. Besides the above non-containerised cargoes, a total of 6,757 containers are also expected to come in before month end.

Greenview Development Nigeria Limited, (GDNL), operated by Dangote group played host to four of the vessels, ENL terminal known for operating refrigerated vessels also played host to four vessels. Others are 24,200 metric tonnes of bulk gypsum and 30,000 metric tonnes of bulk salt.

While seven of the vessels are waiting to berth, 37 other vessels are being expected at the Lagos Pilotage Districts. The document also showed that about 20 shipping agencies are currently handling the berthing and sailing out of the expected vessels. It noted that 14 other ships which berthed last month are currently at the ports discharging general cargoes, bulk wheat, base oil, steel products, crude palmlein, bulk gas, petrol, containers and bulk corn.