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Geothermal energy can curb Africa’s energy shortage and more

Launched in 2012, the Menengai Geothermal Development Project seeks to develop a geothermal steam field meant to produce enough energy for 400 MW power generation facilities by the private sector and/or in partnership with Government. It aims at addressing Kenya’s increasing demand for power, at the same time diversifying sources of power supply by developing the country’s huge geothermal potential. The addition is equivalent to 26 percent of the country’s total installed generation capacity currently.

By providing additional installed generation capacity and injecting it into the national grid, the project will ultimately result in affordable and reliable electricity supply to more households, businesses and industries, according to Gabriel Negatu, AfDB’s Regional Director for Eastern Africa. This additional energy supply into national grid will result in increased electricity connections to benefit about 500,000 households, of which 70,000 are in rural areas. The new connections will also benefit about 300,000 small businesses.