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4 Tips To Consider Before Investing

4 Tips To Consider Before Investing

4 Tips To Consider Before Investing. A lot of people want to invest and plan for their future but are scared and do not know how to go about it. Investment is not for the faint-hearted but here at Commodity Port, we strive to connect you to low-risk investments. Here

FG to Institutionalise National Council on Mining, Mineral Resources

The Federal Government on Monday in Abuja disclosed a plan to institutionalise the National Council of Mining and Mineral Resources Development (NCMMRD). The move is expected to address constant frictions between the states and federal governments on right to mineral resources in the country. The National Council on Mining and

How countries are getting tougher with mining companies

A mix of political populism, higher commodity prices, and the expectation electrification will spur demand for some raw materials has led resource-holding governments to change the rules for miners operating in their countries. In most cases, governments are seeking to increase their share of profits, rather than all-out resource nationalism,

State of Mining in South Africa

  According to Chamber of Mines (CoM) spokesperson Charmane Russell, the illegal mining industry “is believed to run into billions of rands yearly”. It is often organized criminally and carried out under the auspices of organized criminal syndicates. “Illegal miners operate outside the law and are often heavily armed. The