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If you are working in the field of commodities, this is where you belong. By joining us – you will become part of a growing community sharing a common vision of business growth and economic development. Commodity Port members have exclusive access to new opportunities, business networks and ideas regarding all parts of the commodities value chains, commodity financing and related infrastructure development. Commodity Port provides up-to-date information and insights on all commodity types e.g. agriculture, fisheries, energy, mining etc, access to credible company connections, equipment and infrastructure financing and investment opportunities across the whole spectrum of the commodities value chains.

Instant Access to Information

Commodity Port members have instant access to reliable information and actionable intelligence on various aspects of the commodity value chains and market moving news. As a registered member, you will get exclusive access to valuable insight on all aspects and areas of the global commodity spectrum.

At Commodity Port, we have experts in various fields and with specialty in specific areas such as agriculture, industrial metals, Energy, oil and gas, commodities financing, amongst several others. This means that every statistics you get here on any particular subject is verified and authenticated by professionals who know the ins and outs of the commodity business environment within our target markets.

Global Community

At Commodity Port, you will gain access to a global community of professionals in various fields that are well educated and learned in the affairs of commodity trading, commodity financing, energy and agriculture, amongst others.

Being a member here, means you are several steps ahead of your contemporaries, as you are offered a platform where you read and interact with other like-minded professionals in related fields as searched for.

Trusted Companies
Membership here also includes instant access to fully vetted and credible companies.

Commodity Port understands the power of strong credible relationships and platform provides you with the opportunity to build strong and strategic relationships and form partnerships with other credible companies.

Job Opportunities
Membership includes instant access to amazing job prospects posted by members. We help members source and advertise openings amongst our vast partner network and also connect individuals looking for work with job opportunities from trusted companies looking for qualified candidates to join their teams.

Conduct Polls

Create online polls targeted at a select community or commodity group using the tools provided by Commodity Port. Members are able to create bespoke polls, campaigns that can be rolled out immediately and the results used in driving your business decisions.

Professional Advice

Membership includes instant access to professional counsels from others whom are considered experts in certain commodity area. No one goes wrong when he or she has someone to count on for direction and wise counsel!

So it is with Commodity Port. You are sure to get the right piece of advice from other specialists in the house, one simple advice or idea that may turn one pound or one dollar to multiple profits in its making.

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