Why Are We Launching in Beta?

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We, the team behind this platform, have been working on this project for years. We have gathered our knowledge and expertise from various fields and put them all together with our passion to create this one-stop destination for everyone interested in commodities. What you see here is just the beginning, the first step on our journey.

Our idea is not to present our readers with a completely finished product and hope it will be useful to them. We want you, the end user, to feel like part of the team, to walk with us and help us shape this into something that is a living network of people joined by a common interest. This is why we are launching in Beta, meaning you will see things being added and changed often.

Don’t be shy and use the forms on the site (or contact us via email) to share your ideas, views and suggestions – is there a feature you would find useful? Are you curious about a topic that you can’t find covered elsewhere? Do you want to publish your own views on some recent event? Give us a shout! Come and join us and let’s create Commodity Port together!

Some of the features we will be rolling out soon

On top of the ever-growing number of interesting industry news, events and analysis that we are constantly adding to the site, you are in for some great exclusive features that we are working on at the moment.

We will shortly be adding the facility for members to conduct surveys and polls through the CP network and not only. You will be able to pick from available set of templates or design those to completely fit your needs, choose your audience and then view and analyse the results.

Our directory of Businesses is expanding on daily bases. We will be adding destinations and industry sectors to give you an extensive list of companies to cooperate and exchange with whenever you need to.

Another area we are working on setting up is our Experts Port. This will be the place where industry professionals, public figures, scientists or CP members specialised in a particular field, will share their views and offer personal advice to all the community members.

You will find that most of the graphical data representation on the site is provided by third parties at present. In the near future, we will be launching our own, fully in-house developed graphs that will be fully interactive and customisable.

As you can see we have quite a few things to work on and you - to look forward to! Join us today to never miss an update and become a part of our commodities-driven family.

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