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Are there opportunities for Nigeria to become the agricultural giant of Africa?

Nigeria – referred to as the giant of Africa is a nation with so many vast resources including those found in minerals, oil and agriculture, amongst others.

With the huge resources found alone in the agricultural sector, the country can become the agricultural giant of Africa, if things are put in place and done right!

With the current dispensation, Nigerians believe and put their confidence that President Buhari is a transparent and truthful leader and “strong enough to turn this country around.”

…beyond the ministerial portfolios and other offices, there is room for regulatory bodies to encourage sustainability within the Nigerian economy. While this has started already, it is projected that the progress of Nigeria on the agricultural journey will undeniably rub off positively on the continent.

Foremost, Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa, and as such, focusing on her major agricultural commodities, for growth generation and multiplication, the nation would be able to become the point of business for the continent for its commodity trading.

The country’s agricultural sector must ensure that it is solidly founded on the values of sustainability. This will help put the Nigerian economy and society on a new track for growth and trading benefits. This will usher in a new intellectual space to reconsider economic progress and social development in the country and Africa at large.

The on-going restructurings in the Nigerian general sectors offer an opportunity to embed sustainability thinking and practices in the agricultural sector, and this shouldn’t be missed.